Nothing Works! Finally, a Solution!

If you’re like me, you’re a “Triple F:” “Fat, Frustrated, and Fretting!”

I’ve tried everything when it comes to losing weight:

  • Not sticking to a moderate diet.
  • Not understanding the difference between a “tip” and a “scientific fact.”
  • Not doing my research on any plan I undertake.
  • Not stopping to question the weight-loss products I spent lots of money on.
  • Not taking the time to educate myself and instead taking any advice that promised a solution.
  • Not assuming any responsibility for my failures.

Nothing worked!  Can you believe it?!

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Idiots Have Money And It Sucks

Unless you just really lucked out after you got out of college, chances are you had to work in a crappy job for at least a little while.  You knew you were hugely over-qualified, ate shit from customers, and drove around in some junker you bought in high school or during your freshmen year of college.

In this junker, you get behind a Mercedes Benz that completely ignores right-of-way at a stop sign and jets out in front of oncoming traffic, rolls up to a green light and stops, then, after stopping at a green, makes a turn starting at the inside lane, and ends on the outside lane on a crowded street.  Proceeds to drive down the road at 10 miles per hour below the speed limit.

“It is so unfair that this moron somehow makes enough money to afford a Mercedes.”  I’m willing to bet that this, or something eerily similar, has happened to you.

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Dropping Weights is Uncalled for, Crossfit

Caveat: Anyone who lifts knows that there are some instances where dropping happens; you can’t complete a squat and need to fall into the supports, your grip fails on a dead lift, you can’t finish a power clean with heavy weight, and obviously all the lifts where set-downs are potentially dangerous (snatch) etc.  That isn’t what I’m talking about.

I’m not a proponent of Crossfit, but I wouldn’t knock it.

I went over my opinion of Crossfit on the whole a while ago.  The TL;DR gist is: “If it gets you into self improvement, and you enjoy it, then there is no harm and you can make solid progress.  However, it does encourage some sloppy/annoying habits.”

One of those obnoxious habits is the accepted practice of slamming weights to the ground regardless of the weight or movement.

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Lets Celebrate: I have 500 Minions! (Followers)

Some people get 500 followers a day, some people already have 5,000+, some people haven’t been sober for literally years and either don’t know why you’d want followers, or can’t read.

When I started this blog and got my first follower, I was really excited.  Like, super excited.  I wrote my first post, not unlike many other bloggers, hoping that it would be an outlet for creativity as a way to battle back depression.

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